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Super Kids pdf plus marketing

This downloadable e-book will give you a perfect start to raising healthier kids and happier families. Are you confused by all the information about healthy living? Do you know how to take care of yourself but “give-up” when it comes to your children? Are you curious about how to begin introducing healthier choices and what those choices really are? Do you have picky eaters? Do your kids get ear infection? Are you committed to change?

If you answered yes, then this e-guide designed by us, two health coach moms of 5 children with over twenty years of experience is definitely a good read for you.

If you are contemplating buying this book, you probably want to introduce your family to more healthy, nutrient dense foods. These foods nourish your body on a cellular level, making your body feel and work better. We are glad you want to make a change, and together, we can bring a happy ending to this SAD (Standard American Diet) diet. We sincerely praise you for your efforts, and we are dedicated to help you introduce simple, healthy foods to your family, that fit our modern, fast paced lifestyle.

Why do we care? Because we are mothers too, and we have experienced first hand what a change in food can do to our health and the health of our family. Dealing with allergies and food sensitivities or intolerances is a common part of our lives, and we know many other families are affected by these too, yet they don’t recognize their health or mood challenges might be related to food imbalances.

We are also Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches that understand the everyday challenges of eating right and are here to help you!