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I am so happy you are here and believe I can help you in some way. I am a psychologist, Certified Holistic Health Counselor , and Wellness Business Strategist dedicated to helping others create positive change in their lives on multiple levels while living the best life possible. I am also the CEO & Founder of EndoPositive International™ organization which gives stage and voice for women from all over the world who suffer from endometriosis and other autoimmune diseases. I am an international author of a book: Alone in the Crowd – Living well with endometriosis, translated into five languages! Working with women worldwide made me realize how important it is to convey the message in the native language. My book is a good way to get to know me and see my life was not always so pretty. I tell all and how it was. I am sure you will be able to relate.

Work stuff aside, I am a cosmopolitan soul who loves to travel. I am a born and Certified educator and my entire life is a passion. I see all in a multidimensional way hence you will see no judgment coming your way. You got the problem? No problem!

As much as I believe food is medicine and we will have to make some adjustments in the kitchen, it is not the only or most important element of my practice. Let’s say your plate is a huge support and a vehicle but it is the primary food that drives it. Many years of practice prove over and over again that only INTEGRATIVE approach works. Just imagine you are a big piece of a puzzle, very complex made of small bits and pieces. It means that to put it all together in relatively short time, we need to invite company as few heads is better than one!

I made sure you are in good hands by inviting amazing people to my team. They are all hand picked with the same mind set and many cards in their sleeves.

Please have a look at my DREAM TEAM:

Joanna Puciata

Joanna Puciata

Dr Preeti Agrawal

Dr Preeti Agrawal

Dr Sanjeev Tanwar

Dr Sanjeev Tanwar

Magdalena Olanska

Magdalena Olanska
Dietitian, Master of cognitive science

Joanna Manikowska

Joanna Manikowska
B. Eng, MSc in Biotechnology


Don’t let distance stop you from reaching your health goals. All packages and individual sessions are facilitated via skype, google hangout, FB, phone, what’s up or email with the same amazing results as in-person sessions, all from the convenience of your home! We are always just a click away.

We also have phenomenal online programs that you will love! Check it out & see what is right for you here

If you have a specific health or life concern you would like to discuss, a single 1 hour consultation may be just the thing for you. We will go over your health and life history, habits, diet, and work through an in-depth assessment to pin point the areas that require change.

*You will decide then which venue or program you are willing to devote to.

The 30 minute follow up consultation is for clients who have already had a 1 hour single consult, or have completed one of our programs. They are great for accountability, inspiration and keeping on track with your goals.

How does this work?

As much as we do offer programs which are already designed and are very effective, we realize we are all individual and very unique. Taking this under consideration we are very happy to work on BIO-individual basis.

CUSTOM Programs and Sessions *prefered

Prior to your 1 Hour Single BIO-Individual Session $165.00 you fill out Health and Life History form, which you email to us along with your recent blood work ( from last three months). We review both, and based on the estimate, we inform you which steps need to be taken, and what period of time is optimal.

We suggest then the course of Healing Process.

*From our experience, when dealing with complex health issues such as autoimmune diseases,hormonal issues, anxiety, depression you are looking at 3 months at least. All based on your former health and drug history.

Signature Staged Weight Loss Program

Also Inquire Here

You send us your blood work ( not older than 3 months) We design the meal plan. If you do not have one, we may ask you to perform such.

All based on your personal:
• Preference
• Life style
• Issue
• Goal
• Problem.

*Supplement or herb recommendation may apply


And fill out this Health History Form

*Please take your time and fill out in most detail possible. All remains confidential