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Sanjeev Tanwar

I am a medical graduate in Anesthesiology from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical sciences, with my wife being a obstetrician, we work in coordination for critical obstetrics & gynecology. Majority of patients are poor so our Hospital works on meager expenses.

Having a lot interest in Holistic approach to diseases took me to learn different modalities of healing in India did MD in Alternate medicine, Reiki, Yoga therapy, Ayurveda, & further to enhance we travelled to USA los angeles. Worked for reputed Medical group on wilshire blvd, & wellness works Glendale.

I PLR certification from HMI Tarzana, Homeopathy from CEDH Beverly Hills under guidance of Dr Ron Boyer.

I have attended many CME at NCCAM. Also at Osher Faundation holistic conference at UCSF, where I had opportunity to discuss at length holistics with enlightened speakers like Dr Dean Ornish , Dr Wayne Dyer Dr Deepak Chopra.

I have been practicing healing medical ailments for more than 25 years, with a constant effort to bring mankind closer to nature, Breaking the myths, superstitions, & age old theories of medical ailments.

I want associate with EndoPositive International & Ania Live to take all Holistic healing to next level, combining holistic with ancient scriptures on health & nutrition for uplifting of suffering humanity.This definitely entails simple living & high thinking.