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Program 1 – Femine Paleo

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Welcome to 14 days of Femine Paleo.

This 14-day program is designed to help you shed unwanted weight, increase energy and relieve unwanted symptoms like inflammation, poor sleep and slow metabolism. My goal over the next two weeks is to kick your body into fuel-burning mode.

If you are gluten sensitive and grains are just not working for you, you will be able to create an easy food plan within just 14 days without the feeling of hopelessness (I’ve been there, I know how it feels like asking yourself through tears “So what is it that I can eat?!”)

I want this program to be simple for you, so I have laid out vital information to ensure your success including a recommended daily routine and suggested meals. I also want to see you succeed in reaching your goals and the best way to reach any goal is to break it down into small, achievable steps.

Please look at your simple daily protocol, as this chart outlines what you’ll experience each day on this 14-day Paleo plan. I suggest you print out this chart and tape it somewhere that will allow you to see it every morning.