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Heal ‘N Glow Through Food – Menu Program


Joanna Puciata

Women’s Wisdom & Beauty Expert

For the last half a decade, Joanna Puciata has been expertly guiding and coaching women to look and feel healthy, beautiful and confident in taking charge of their health by getting rid of the bloat,fatigue, sugar addictions and self sabotage that they had previously lived with. Her clients call her their “Wisdom and Beauty Expert” because she helps thrive in their everyday lives with feeling healthier, more glamorous and feminine!

One of her clients had this to share: “I love spending time with you…you’re such a giving person! Little did I know when I started, that it is not just about the food we eat. You taught me I have this inner strength and beauty and I am slowly learning to let it out of dormancy. To accept myself and not be so critical and harsh. Thank you!”

As a Certified Gluten Practitioner, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Trained Hormone Cure Coach, the author of “Vague Memories” (a story of family legacy, Poland and everyday moments) and “Stripes” (an imaginary story of two young boys crossing into the world of imagination where all dreams come true), Joanna has coached hundreds of women all over the globe and is known for her tough yet feminine approach.

A passionate mentor, Joanna partners with women worldwide in making their everyday lives not only delicious and healthy but also FANCY. Yes, FANCY as in deep, soulful, luxurious. Joanna helps women make an easy transition from alone to fitting in and being admired, from frazzled to vigorous, from tired to refreshed, from sick to healthier, from lost to well informed.

Joanna’s signature “Heal ‘N Glow” private programs and retreats are making a profound difference in the lives of women everywhere. Her down-to-earth approach helps women to see exactly what works, what to pay attention to, what shortcuts they can undertake so they start living a healthier life not sometime in the distant future but within just a couple of short weeks!

Are you ready to initiate healthy and fancy lifestyle changes so you sleep better, eat better, feel better, look better, find your life’s purpose, connect with your inner beauty and truly thrive? Visit Joanna at and connect with her online at