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Author, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Gluten Practitioner, Beauty Expert and Founder of Heal ‘N Glow.Joanna Puciata is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Certified Gluten Practitioner helping women to recover …..

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I am a medical graduate in Anesthesiology from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical sciences, with my wife being a obstetrician, we work in coordination for critical obstetrics & gynecology.Majority of patients are poor so our Hospital works on meager expenses…

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Dr Preeti Agrawal, MD, PhD, is a second-degree specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics. She has been practicing medicine in Poland for..

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Dietitian, diet coach, Master of cognitive science , author of numerous articles on nutrition and diets topics with wide and diverse work experience.She participated in international projects , including Project at the University of Valencia,

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