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Ready or Not

Published on 2017-01-17 8:43:05     No Comments

Ready or not it is the middle of January. To me new year is not just another number but most importantly is filled with new experiences. This number carries so much within. For some it means they are older, for some it means new challenge for others the end of…

Laughter Therapy, WHAT?

Published on 2017-01-10 9:05:37     No Comments

I had a pleasure to meet you in Poland at the Integrative Medical Center. I also attended your workshop and till today have amazing memories. It left big smile on my face! But not everyone knows yet who you are and what you do, so maybe few words of introduction?…

One Woman’s Tale

Published on 2016-07-14 7:43:03     No Comments

It takes time and effort to put your finger on it. You have your inner voice, and your intuition but somehow you let other things, or other people dim it for you. You go through the darkness, pain and very rocky road. It is a humbling experience, many women go…