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What is Feminine Body Design?

Published on 2017-03-07 9:49:30     No Comments

Feminine Body Design is a proven and tested strength training educational coaching system designed for women specifically, that provides sustainable results in achieving their true potential and a pain free life by reconstructing the body from the inside out long term. FEMININE BODY DESIGN TRAINING PRINCIPLES 1. Increasing strength 20%…

You don’t have to suffer from back pain till the rest of your life.

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That is what I believed! Years ago, I was involved in a series of car accidents, which left me with chronic back pain for over three decades. Over the years, I have tried everything in and out of the box to get relief: Chiropractor   Acupuncture   Yoga   Pilates…

7 Things I learned from Endometriosis

Published on 2017-01-31 9:33:22     No Comments

Have you ever wondered why endometriosis happened to you? Although there are many far more serious diseases we still feel somewhat marked. Being feminine, the harmony of women cycle, maternity – we need to go through quite a bumpy road before we learn how to fully enjoy being a woman….