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Balancing “Balance”

Published on 2017-05-13 5:43:14     No Comments

Sometimes creating balance requires a little room for imbalance. Sounds crazy, right? Allow me to explain my point of view. We spend so much time as women, as parents, as worker-bees, as people (this actually applies to the male species as well), trying to get it all right and be…

I want out! Divorce Dilemma

Published on 2017-03-22 9:44:25     No Comments

Enduring relationship in the times of freedom and independence is quite a daunting task. Living in the world of instant gratification and mass consumption human beings became very disposable as well. In our practice we see how speaking of divorce became so easy. Even before people tie the knot they…

The Art of Letting Go

Published on 2017-03-21 5:05:14     No Comments

This gift of life that we have is wonderful. There are many of us who, at times, have had a zest for life one moment and at other times wonder how we can juggle all we have going on at the same time. You may feel drained, mentally as well…
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