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We live in times of information, science and new discoveries. We accomplish something everyday. We perform miraculous surgeries, we pride ourselves with newest inventions and yet, we have epidemic of diabetes, cancer and other new diseases that pop up everyday. Soon, we will have to start the alphabet over to name them, just like the hurricanes that bring such havoc. Have you ever wonder why? Perhaps because we have tendency to rather complicate than to solve? Is chronique fatigue more complex than brain surgery? Is your bloating problem more complex than cancer? Why do you struggle with pain, and no one seems to have an answer?

Are you tired of being sick and tired? Does your voice deep inside you tell you, something is wrong, and someone tells you it is only in your head? Are you certain you could feel better and there must be an answer? You are right! What you feel inside you, is never wrong! Do not let the voices around you, silence the one in you.

You are not alone. There are so many people who can relate to you. People who never stopped asking, who never gave up, who searched until they found the answer.

So many people have been asking us for this Health Mastermind. It took us some time but we finally made it happen. If anything of the below resonates with you, it means you qualify:

• I am in pain, and as much as I try I simply have to use pain killers, otherwise I won’t be able to perform.

• I feel weak and always tired, have hard time getting up in the morning and hard time to bare the day. I force myself to do everything.

• I watch my diet, but it seems as my bloating is hunting me anyways.

• My energy levels are ruling my life, I have hard time planning anything, I never know if I could follow through.

• I started detox and want to continue but need further professional guidance.

• I know something is wrong with me, have done all the tests, all came normal and I still don’t feel well.

This is how it works:

The one hour mastermind will be held on December 5th 2015 at 1pm Central Time Everywhere. It is a one hour Live Session where we will answer your questions. Please submit all your questions via , by December 4th 1pm Central Time the latest.

One session can consists of maximum 10 people as we would love to be able to answer all the questions live.

If for some reason you will miss it, do not worry, we will send you the access to the recording.

If you know of a person who would like to come to the Q&A please SHARE.

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See you soon! Ania and Joanna

*Due to high volume of participants, we had to set several times of Mastermind Sessions.Dates and Time will be announced in timely manner, before our promotion ends.