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Ania G. Psychologist, Certified Holistic Heath Counselor, Wellness Business Strategist, international Speaker & Author. CEO and Founder of EndoPositive™ International.

I founded EndoPositive International™ because I know what it is like to suffer alone in pain. And I think being alone and not knowing many times is worse than the actual pain. At EndoPositive International™ We’re creating a place where you can connect with Endo sisters around the globe, share your tears, your pain, your laughter and your victories.

When you are a member of EndoPositive International™ you are treated to an exclusive suite of practical information and useable tips as well as contact with highly qualified health practitioners who will walk with you on your journey that previously tripped you up.

This is a place where you have a wide selection of compassionate Doctors, Experts and Contributors to connect with who have specialized knowledge and practical application in their respective fields.

Members at EndoPositive International™ can get the practical health information every step of their journey.

A Chernobyl survivor myself, I was eight, the nuclear disaster was more than just a metaphor for me that mirrored my pain. It became my reason to discover the cause for my suffering, drove me to America and helped me find her cure.

About Ania G

Founder of EndoPositive International™ an Online community made up of Doctors, patients and content providers that empowers the 175 million women globally who suffer from Endometriosis, giving them a stage – giving them a voice. Speaking around the globe, on social media and traditional media Ania’s message of inspiration is contagious. Her new book Alone in the Crowd – Living Well with Endometriosis is currently being translated into: German, Russian, French, Polish, Lithuanian & Spanish


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