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Balancing “Balance”

Published on 2017-05-13 5:43:14     No Comments

Sometimes creating balance requires a little room for imbalance. Sounds crazy, right? Allow me to explain my point of view. We spend so much time as women, as parents, as worker-bees, as people (this actually applies to the male species as well), trying to get it all right and be…

What is Feminine Body Design?

Published on 2017-03-07 9:49:30     No Comments

Feminine Body Design is a proven and tested strength training educational coaching system designed for women specifically, that provides sustainable results in achieving their true potential and a pain free life by reconstructing the body from the inside out long term. FEMININE BODY DESIGN TRAINING PRINCIPLES 1. Increasing strength 20%…

You don’t have to suffer from back pain till the rest of your life.

Published on 2017-03-07 7:54:36     No Comments

That is what I believed! Years ago, I was involved in a series of car accidents, which left me with chronic back pain for over three decades. Over the years, I have tried everything in and out of the box to get relief: Chiropractor   Acupuncture   Yoga   Pilates…